What an incredible game Sunday night!

The unstoppable juggernaut — the New England Patriots — were beaten by a team winning its first ever Superbowl with a backup quarterback who played the game of his life. And as much as I admire the New England Patriots organization, I was pulling for the Philadelphia Eagles because of Nick Foles.

My life’s passion is my school in Lahore, Pakistan — American International School System (AISS) — which teaches children about how great our freedoms are. We give these children a western-style education so that they understand we are not their enemies and don’t grow falling prey to propaganda that makes them hate us. We also educated them about western values, including the fact that if you work hard in America you can achieve your dreams. I am living proof.

So is Nick Foles.

Think about it: Here’s a guy who was shipped out of Philadelphia as an afterthought a few years ago by then-coach Chip Kelly. Then, after bouncing around between St Louis & Kansas City, Foles was brought back to Philadelphia under a new head coach, but never expected to be anything more than a backup. We teach our kids at AISS that they need to make the most of their opportunities and when Philadelphia’s starting QB Carson Wentz got hurt, Foles did just that.

He took over and led the Eagles to a championship, winning the Superbowl MVP award in the process. This was done through hard work, dedication, and strong values rooted in his deeply held Christian beliefs.

Foles easily could have given up on himself, but he didn’t. Instead, he relished the role of backup QB, waiting for his chance to earn another shot to lead a team. Nick Foles never stopped believing in himself — even when everybody else did — and his never-say-die attitude helped propel him and his team to a Superbowl championship.

That incredible performance Sunday night was Foles’ vindication; his reward for continuing to fight every single day of his life to keep his dream of being a Superboql winning quarterback alive.

Foles’ story in amazing, but not just because of the perseverance of one determined individual. It is astonishing precisely because of the example it sets for every aspiring athlete in the United States who wonders if his hard work will ever pay off. Nick Foles is the perfect role model for the kids in the American School to aspire to be like, and he makes me proud to be an American.

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