Earlier this week, the world said goodbye to an institution when Toys R Us closed up for good.

Today, New York bids farewell to an amazing local institution, Glaser’s Bake Shop.

If you have never heard of Glaser’s Bake Shop, they are the inventor of the greatest cookie known to man, the black and white cookie.

As much as I love that cookie and enjoy it at any bakery, nobody ever made it the way Glaser’s did.

The owner announced recently that he wanted to retire and since he owned the building, he would be selling it, thus ending the bakery’s existence.

Over the past few days, lines formed outside the bakery where people came from all over the New York area to wait in gigantic lines for a chance to get one last black and white cookie.

And with good reason.

Much like the Carnegie Deli, I never thought Glaser’s would be gone.

I thought for sure it would last forever and I would be able to take my future grandchildren there to taste the special cookie for themselves one day.

But all great things must come to and end, and today, that great thing was Glaser’s.

I consider it a privilege to have been able to have once tasted one of their famous black and white cookies, and I wish the owner well in his retirement.

He deserves it.

After all, his cookie may not have made the world a better place, but it sure made it a tastier one.