Must We Burn Sade?

3 monkeys see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil — Camperdown Sydney street art. (photo: Neerav Bhatt)

Yes, We Must Burn Sade

What else should society do with deadly ideas in the age of viral media?

Thought Experiment:

In a small village, a terrible contagious disease is raging. People who are ill must be treated and quarantined to prevent further spread. One man refuses to come out of his house, and won’t allow the town doctor to examine or even speak to him.

Free Speech in the Moral Hierarchy

Another thought experiment: Is a mass-murderer’s right to free speech more important that the public’s right to health and safety?

Do Your Part: Quarantine

Don’t Spread It

Don’t read the New Zealand shooter’s manifesto. Don’t watch the video of his heinous act. Don’t say his name. Don’t write it.

Give Up Violent Media

The rest of us are like the Portrait of Dorian Grey; we routinely partake in scenes of grotesque, horrific violence purely for pleasure and seem to feel none of the ill effects.



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