Morning Joe Highlights Transparent Phoniness

I don’t know who is more disgusting — Michael Wolff, or the members of the media who peddled his filth simply because they wanted it to be true.

Let’s put this right out front: Michael Wolff says he didn’t imply Nikki Haley had an affair with Donald Trump.

But he did.

He then claimed Nikki Haley was embracing and enjoying the rumors.

But she wasn’t.

Suddenly, the same group of media and celebrities who propped Wolff’s book up — promoting it non-stop on television and having Hillary Clinton read passages from it at the Grammys — was attempting to distance themselves from Wolff.

It was so transparently phony that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski — the King and Queen of transparent phoniness respectively — HAD to be the ones to be the most transparent and the phoniest.

You may recall the Joe and Mika kissed Donald Trump’s rear-end from the time he announced he was running, then at some point decided he was bad, and became part of the #resistance, with Scarborough writing an unbearably awful anti-Trump song that not even Mika could have told him was good with a straight face.

So today, Joe and Mika had Wolff on. The same Wolff whose book they were saying weeks ago was further proof that Donald Trump was a deranged madman who needed to be removed from office.

But now? Wolff was a creep! He’s a jerk! He slandered a woman and that is unacceptable. Oh, and how dare he deny it on — of all places — Morning Joe, a show that is a sacred ground of truth.

If you watched this ridiculous travesty occur this morning and threw up in your mouth, I could hardly blame you.

The truth is that Joe, Mika, and everybody else who peddled this con man’s book don’t care at all that Wolff was spreading tabloid-level nonsense. In fact, they loved it. It allowed them to smear the president with impunity while hiding behind Wolff and his sloppy joke of a book.

But now that it has been brought to light that a woman was slandered — and that woman decided not to take it without fighting back — many of these same people have to be at the forefront of the effort to denounce Wolff, because otherwise they would risk being seen as hypocrites when it comes to “standing up for women.”

And in doing so, they have proven that they are just as full of bull as Wolff and his book.

Nikki Haley deserves better than to be the subject of malicious rumors that have no basis in reality, but she and the rest of the public deserve better than having a media who pushes smut and promotes a huckster author just because it suits their agenda.

Exhibit #8,234 as to why nobody trusts the media anymore and with good reason.

Will Joe, Mika, or anybody else learn from their mistakes? No, of course not. And the next time somebody else comes along whispering things they want to hear about the president and his staff in their ear, they will swoon all over again.

As the president himself might say: SAD!