Remember when I said promoting violence in the name of shutting down ideas you disagree with was a bad idea?

Well, we saw a real life example of this phenomenon occur at a comedy club in New York City last week, and it was not pretty.

In case you missed it, Luis J Gomez, Dave Smith, and Jay Oakerson were doing a live edition of their popular “Legion of Skanks” podcast.

In the middle of the show, a man appeared out of the audience and took the mic out of a surprised Gomez’s hand, and quickly used it to point out that a “Proud Boy” was sitting in the crowd and the show was for white supremacists.

If you are unaware of what a “Proud Boy” is, they are a group of men who hang out with Comedian Gavin McIness and well, I will be honest, I am not entirely sure what they actually do.

But the far left has — incorrectly — tagged McIness as a white supremacist, so hence this heckler branding the show as such.

Gomez quickly leapt up out of his chair, grabbed the mic back, threatened to put his foot up the guy’s ass, and then had to be restrained from putting a beating on him.

They don’t call Mr. Gomez the “Puerto Rican Rattlesnake” and “Real Ass Dude” for nothing.

Yet, this heckler seemed surprised that after an act of aggression against Gomez, that the fiery comedian would look to retaliate.

Clearly he did not now who he was dealing with.

All of that said — and putting aside the sheer lunacy of believing a white supremacist show was being led by two Jewish men and a Puerto Rican — what exactly did this heckler expect to accomplish by doing what he did?

Did he think the crowd would take his side? Did he expect the podcast to stop and for Gomez, Smith, and Oakerson to just pack up and go home because he was offended?

Furthermore, does he actually believe it is acceptable to shut down any and all speech he is uncomfortable hearing rather than just walking out?

Sadly, the answer to that question is obviously yes, and he is not alone.

We are seeing this all over the country to the point where people are being chased out of restaurants.

And in the case of the Legion of Skanks, they were recording a podcast at a comedy club late at night and EVEN THEN they could not be left alone to do their show without some self-righteous jerk showing up to spoil it in the name of being offended.

We are getting to the point where this is just going to get worse and people are going to get hurt.

But maybe not the people you think.

Because for every romantic vision of using force to shut down so-called offensive speech, those on that end of the issue should remember that there are a lot more Luis J Gomez types — people who are going to fight back and likely win — than they realize.

And the people who could very well end up being hurt the most are the aggressors themselves.

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