MI Lawmaker Removed From Committees After Threats Against Trump Supporters

Dr. Munr Kazmir
3 min readDec 12, 2020

Democratic state Rep. Cynthia Johnson of Michigan has lost her committee assignments and may face “further disciplinary action”.

Michigan State Capitol. Photographer: Brian Charles Watson.

Democratic state Rep. Cynthia Johnson of Michigan has had her committee assignments removed and may face “further disciplinary action” in response to threatening comments she made in a video towards supporters of President Donald Trump.

After Johnson’s Facebook video went viral on Wednesday morning, Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives Lee Chatfield released a statement with Speaker-elect Jason Wentworth announcing the disciplinary actions taken against Johnson.

“Threats to either Democrats or Republicans are unacceptable and un-American. They’re even more unbecoming of an elected official. Rep. Johnson has been removed from her committees and we are looking into further disciplinary action as the proper authorities conduct their own investigations.”

“We have been consistent in our position on this — violence and intimidation is never appropriate in politics. We have said that about threats against Gov. Whitmer, Secretary Benson, Rep. Johnson herself, and others,” the statement continued. “That applies to threats made toward public officials, and it must also apply when the threats come from public officials. Behavior like this will not be tolerated this term or next.”

In the video in question, which Johnson posted Tuesday night, she warned “Trumpers” to “be careful” and “walk lightly.”

She started out the video saying, “We got some work to do, we got some work to do” and thanked people who she said are doing things “right and in order.”

Towards the end of video, Johnson referenced law enforcement tracking down someone who had made a threat against her.

“For instance, one of our ‘bright’ citizens of our country, in Illinois, who happened to voicemail me — unknown, but, guess what?” Johnson said. “FBI, state police, they found her.”

“So, this is just a warning to you Trumpers,” the Democrat claimed.“Be careful, walk lightly, we ain’t playing with you. Enough of the shenanigans. Enough is enough.”