Bill Maher apparently thinks destroying millions of people’s lives is worth it in order to get Donald Trump out of the White House.

That is what Maher said after opining about how America is supposedly losing its Democracy under President Trump.

Here are his exact words from his show “Real Time” on HBO Friday……..

“Could I ask about the economy? Because this economy is going pretty well. I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. And by the way, I’m hoping for it. Because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please, bring on the recession. Sorry if that hurts people, but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.”

We hear all the time about all kinds of privilege in society — white privilege, male privilege, straight privilege, etc…..

But if you want to know what privilege REALLY looks like, here it is, front and center.

Maher is a millionaire many times over, so if a major recession happens, oh well.

But for you, the regular working person who needs your job to support your family?

Screw you buddy, it is more important to own DRUMPF!!!!!!

For all the hand-wringing people do when conservatives complain about liberal celebrities, this is a clear example of why many people cannot stand listening to those celebrities opine about politics.

They often advocate for issues that will have consequences they do not have to deal with.

I am going to say this very simply and succinctly: If Bill Maher truly believes it is worth crippling the country economically just to hurt the president’s chances of getting re-elected, then he is mentally deranged and far more cold-hearted than the president could ever be.

I do not care how much you hate the president, rooting for America to go back to crisis levels where millions lost their homes and jobs is flat out disgusting and Maher should be ashamed of himself.

If he truly despises the president that much and wants him out THAT badly, maybe Maher should try effectively making the case for voting the president out, supporting potential opponents to go up against the president, and doing everything in his power to help whoever the president’s opponent ends up being.

Because that is how a western style democracy actually works.

Maybe Maher should have thought about that before advocating a great depression to supposedly save something he obviously does not actually understand.

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