Congressman Tom MacArthur is making a major difference for his constituents in New Jersey, something I greatly admire.

Full disclosure: I have known Congressman MacArthur for several years and have found him to have incredible character and integrity in addition to doing a terrific job in Congress.

So what makes MacArthur such an effective Congressman?

For starters, he always remembers to put his voters first.

One recent example: He helped the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Extension Act of 2018 get passed, ensuring that Ocean and Burlington County residents and 140 million Americans living in coastal counties will now have flood insurance coverage through the end of hurricane season.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how well Congressman MacArthur has done in terms of looking out for the men and women who elected him.

He has consistently been a champion of pro-growth and pro-jobs policies. Low taxes and easing the burden of unnecessary regulations to create an environment where even those at the bottom can strive for major success.

People like Congressman MacArthur himself.

You see, Congressman MacArthur was once a man of very modest means.

He grew up in Connecticut and after graduating from Hofstra University, he became an insurance adjuster, making under $15,000 per year.

But he was so intelligent and driven that he eventually worked his way all the way up from the bottom to become the chairman and CEO of York Risk Services Group, a multi-national claims management company.

But eventually, the call of public service came and MacArthur served on his local town council from 2011 through 2013, before ascending to Mayor and then the United States Congress.

Knowing the man personally, this is something I have always admired about Congressman MacArthur: he does not need the money or the job, but he does it, anyway, because he wants to help people.

Just like the ones in Ocean and Burlington County who will now have flood insurance because of his efforts.

They say the true test of a man is how much he does to help those who need it even when he does not have to.

And Congressman MacArthur passes that test with flying colors.




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Dr. Munr Kazmir

Dr. Munr Kazmir

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