Leave Them Alone.

Official Photo of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY14). November 30, 2018. (photo: U.S. House of Representatives)

2018: (Another) Year of The Woman

Leave Them Alone.

Stop Making Them a Target

Hard to Work in a Fishbowl

Campaigning Versus Governing

Governing is a Group Project

Bottom Line: Governing is a Hard Job

Stop Pushing For Trump Impeachment

“I really hope not, because I think that’s bad for democracy. I’d rather see Donald Trump impeached at the ballot box by the voters. I don’t want to make him a martyr. And I also just think you know, it, impeachment is almost like going through a bankruptcy. It’s just a very hard thing to come out of. But no one is above the law, and you know, we have to take our job seriously. And if there is evidence, I think we should have an airtight case, seek bipartisan buy-in, and be able to explain to the American people why this, you know, extraordinary measure is necessary.” -Rep. Eric Swalwell

If You Can’t Take the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen

What to Cover Instead

But What About 2020 Democrat Optics?



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