Stop gorping at new female elects and let them do their jobs.

Official Photo of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY14). November 30, 2018. (photo: U.S. House of Representatives)

2018: (Another) Year of The Woman

Following in 1992’s footsteps, when female candidates rode an electoral wave of voter disgust over the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing and the accusations made by Anita Hill against him, 2018 became the New Year of the Woman.

Leave Them Alone.

Move along, nothing to see here, really; just normal humans with a job to do.

Stop Making Them a Target

Not all the fire will be friendly.

Hard to Work in a Fishbowl

At least women in Hollywood get to, presumably, go to some cloistered destination and hole up in a luxury trailer away from all the pressures of fame while they work intensely at their job.

Campaigning Versus Governing

Working by yourself or working in a group. Which is harder?

Governing is a Group Project

Doing things by yourself is easy: Doing complex things in a group is hard.

Campaigning: You’re the Boss

Campaigning is not very fun. The hours are grueling, travel is near constant, and fundraising takes a massive team effort.

Elected Public Servant: Everyone is Your Boss

After the candidate is elected, they aren’t the boss any longer. On the contrary, an elected official has nothing but bosses as far as the eye can see.

Bottom Line: Governing is a Hard Job

If members of the press and left-leaning media outlets don’t stop giving these newly elected female candidates campaign levels of media heat, just because they are female and because that is a gripping story and such great optics for Democrats in 2020, the uphill slog is going to be even more onerous.

Stop Pushing For Trump Impeachment

If you force newly elected Democrats to impeach Trump, they will fail. That outcome will increase the likelihood that they will fail at the ballot box, too.

If You Can’t Take the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen

Which is fine, except these women didn’t sign up to work in a kitchen.

What to Cover Instead

These women were elected from many different districts across the country. Each of these districts has unique problems and challenges. Challenges like poverty and crime. Dire needs like education, community support and healthcare.

But What About 2020 Democrat Optics?

What about them? These women were not elected to be mascots or trophies, so don’t make them serve as such. That is not where their true value lies.

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