“Keep Calm and Buy American”

Dr. Munr Kazmir
4 min readMar 2, 2022

President Biden’s first SOTU proves he hasn’t forgotten the moderate majority.

President Joe Biden smiles as he walks past members of the press after his remarks on the December jobs report, Friday, January 7, 2022, in the State Dining Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith)

For Joe Biden and other hard-working Democrats like him, the Curse of the Moderates is alive and well and plaguing both houses of the U.S. government.

A really good moderate Democrat is always too conservative for the progressives in the party; too progressive for the conservatives. Doing a par job, even hitting one out of the park often leaves Democrats on both ends of the party spectrum grumbling darkly about turncoats, primary challenges and term limits.

That is to say nothing of appealing across the aisle.

Conservative Republicans aren’t likely to vote Democrat, no matter how many so-called “conservative” ideals are touted by sensible moderates like Biden. Some progressive Republicans- like Sens. Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney- may often cross the picket lines of bitter partisanship to support worthwhile Democratic Party endeavors.

Even moderate Republicans aren’t above working with Democrats on shared goals; happens all the time on Capitol Hill. Hardly anything gets done in Washington without some level of bipartisanship. That doesn’t mean everyone is exactly happy about it.

No one likes having to compromise.

Being a Democratic Party moderate means that you’re only really doing a good job when no one thinks you’re doing a good job.

When and the most vocal members of the party are condemning you to the rafters for betraying progressive principles and the Blue Dog Democrats are screaming about their purple districts, the unsung moderate mediator is almost half way there.

It’s the ultimate Catch-22; you can only win by losing. Moderates can only win by accepting the fact that, as a wise man once said: “You can accomplish anything as long as you don’t care who gets the credit.”

This isn’t a popularity contest and good governance, including hammering out compromise between right and left, is more important than approval ratings.

Still, it isn’t exactly fair. And Democrats, thanks to their “allies” in the media, bear the brunt of it.

For Democrats, working with Republicans means incensing the hard-left progressive base, a…