“F*******k,” tweeted former Obama administration official and current “Pod Save America” host Tommy Vietor following news that Justice Anthony Kennedy would be retiring at the end of July.

It is understandable why Vietor — a highly partisan democrat — and many like him would feel this way.

It’s because Kennedy was considered the swing vote on a lot of key issues and now Donald Trump — who they have convinced themselves is worse than Hitler — will be in position to pick Kennedy’s replacement.

And there is not a damn thing they can do about it.

I read yesterday all about how the democrats needed to go to the wall to stop the president from picking Kennedy’s successor.

Scenario after scenario, complaint after complaint.

But the reality is, Republicans control the senate and the math does not add up for the democrats.

It did not used to be that way.

That was until Harry Reid nuked the filibuster for the lower courts back in 2013.

Then Senate Minority Leader — and current Senate Majority Leader — Mitch McConnell warned at the time that his democratic party colleagues would regret doing this and would regret it sooner than they thought.

Fast forward five years and it looks like McConnell was right.

McConnell used the precedent Reid set to nuke the filibuster for supreme court nominees, and now the democrats must sit by and watch this happen knowing they are powerless to put a halt to it.

The democrats’ entire problem is of their own making.

Everything that transpired leading up to this is the result of a gigantic display of hubris.

At the time Reid — with the full blessing of President Obama — moved to nuke the filibuster, democrats believed they would never lose again, so they began making blatantly naked power grabs.

This was one of them as were many of the executive actions President Obama took, thinking his predecessor would be ideologically aligned with him and thus everything he did would be preserved.

But then Hillary Clinton lost and their entire pipe dream went up in smoke.

McConnell — proving the old tale about being careful to misuse the power you have today as it could just as easily be used against you tomorrow correct — smacked the democrats in the face with their own arrogance and miscalculation, using Reid’s actions to first get Neil Gorsuch confirmed as a Justice, and then using it to remind the democrats that the battle over Kennedy’s replacement will be a mere formality, because he has the votes to do whatever he wants.

Personally, as a supporter of the president and somebody who greatly admires strict constructionists, I am quite glad that the next Supreme Court Justice will be selected from the president’s original list of 25 Judges he was considering before settling on Justice Gorsuch.

But liberals may want to use this as a moment of self-reflection.

Barack Obama was not going to be president forever, so gaming the rules to ice out the minority party was always incredibly short-sighted.

Now, all of that power democrats so desperately wanted in his hands is in the hands of President Trump.

A phone and a pen, indeed.

This goes for Republicans, too, as they are not going to be in power forever and should act accordingly.

But for now, it is their turn to make the democrats reap what they sowed and prove that Mitch McConnell was Nostradamus all along.

He said the democrats would regret what they did and that their moment of remorse would come sooner than they thought.

That moment is here.

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