Since 1972, John Cabot University has been a top of the line undergraduate school offering students an American education in beautiful Rome, Italy.

Think about how incredible it is to attend college in Rome. It is the experience of a lifetime being able to earn your degree while getting a cultural education most can only dream of.

1,300 students from more than 70 countries join faculty members who hold advanced degrees from all across the US, Europe, and beyond in small class sizes tailored to each enrollee’s strengths.

JCU provides a first rate education that helps students get accepted into some of the most prestigious graduate schools in the world including Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, the London School of Economics, the University of Oxford, and Bocconi University.

A wide variety of majors are available including:

Classical Studies
Economics and Finance
English Literature
Humanistic Studies
Italian Studies
Political Science

Plus, JCU encourages its degree-seeking students study overseas at one of its partner universities in the US, Europe, Asia, or Africa, adding even more cultural experience that you cannot get at any other American accredited school.

And being a JCU alum is a huge badge of honor. JCU graduates have been successful in organizations such as the World Bank, Bloomberg, the European Union, and Honda.

Yes, admission is extremely competitive, but when you consider what you are applying for, and the unique opportunity you are attempting to be a part of, you can understand why the selction process is so difficult.

This is a University offering not just a chance at a world class degree, but the ability to learn above and beyond the classroom. You can speak different languages, live among multiple cultures, and learn to habituate virtually anywhere.

The ability to earn a college degree is a life changing event worth its weight in gold.

But the opportunity to do it at John Cabot University while becoming a citizen of the world?

That’s priceless.

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