Joe Biden Just Isn’t Ready

The Biden campaign’s abject failure to anticipate questions over Hunter Biden shows Biden isn’t ready to face the Trump campaign machine.

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden speaking with supporters at a town hall hosted by the Iowa Asian and Latino Coalition at Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 33 in Des Moines, Iowa. August 2019. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

“You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t,” is reportedly what former President Barack Obama said to his one time Vice President, on the subject of Biden’s consideration of a bid for the Democratic nomination for president.

But ostensibly, Joe Biden jumped into the race for president out of sheer necessity. To save the world from Donald Trump.

Joe Biden, promised the Biden campaign when it launched, was now the preeminent Democratic moderate, the experienced statesman; and the only Democrat with a chance at beating Donald Trump.

In spite of an incredibly crowded Democratic primary with any number of qualified candidates, and the less than enthusiastic response from his old boss, Joe Biden entered the race.

He entered as the automatic front-runner, with every advantage over his closest competitors- bigger donors, better name recognition, a more experienced staff.

Beating Donald Trump, every poll promised, would be a breeze for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden was a walk-on, a Democrat who checked all the boxes; his campaign had every promise of ushering out the Trump administration.

The sky was the limit. But for the Biden campaign, there was nowhere to go but strait down.

A few dozen embarrassing gaffes- which unfortunately for Biden still do matter in the Trump age- a few shaky debate performances, and a growing reluctance by donors to see him as the front runner later, and the race is all but over for Joe Biden.

Because Joe Biden isn’t ready to be President. And he certainly isn’t ready to run a race against Donald Trump. He might have crushed a Sen. Mitt Romney type; he might have trounced a Paul Ryan or even a John McCain.

But Trump is a different animal entirely, as House Democrats and the press are learning to their cost.

And the Biden campaign’s complete failure to anticipate this classic Trumpian attack on the Bidens and Ukraine demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the war Democrats are currently waging against the occupant of the Oval Office.

A war, it is becoming increasingly clear since an emboldened Trump beat the Mueller investigation rap, Donald Trump has been in the trenches, planning and fighting all along.

And he fights dirty.

If you run for office, of course your political opponent is going to try and find any evidence that might exist to implicate you in wrong-doing, anything that demonstrates an unfitness for office.

A billion dollar cottage industry has been built around opposition research, which is essentially a team of crack consultants, lawyers and investigators whose sole purpose in life is to ferret out the embarrassing and/or potentially actionable past misdeeds of politicians.

The smartest politicians hire these firms to research themselves. They pay huge sums to have every single aspect of their lives examined under a hostile microscope.

Before someone else can do it.

Which is exactly what Joe Biden should have done, and most likely did. The stories about the Bidens and Ukraine and China are open secrets in Washington and have been for years. There was a best-selling book published in 2018 about the rampant corruption in Washington.

Chapter Three, the Bidens.

Trump was bound to come for Hunter Biden’s $50,000 a month job with a shady Ukrainian energy consort, and sooner rather than later. The embarrassingly slow way Biden’s campaign has handled this crisis shows just how unprepared Joe Biden is to take on the Trump campaign machine.

Which, in the direct wake of impeachment, has become the Trump campaign cash machine.

In fact, these clouds hanging over Joe Biden may be the very reason former President Obama hasn’t endorsed Biden, a man he once endorsed to be his replacement in office.

What has changed since then if not this new liability?

According to the Biden campaign, Joe Biden asked the former-President and still popular darling of the Democratic Party not to endorse Biden for the nomination.

If true, this is a case of the truth being much worse than the lie.

If Barack Obama refused to endorse Biden because Biden’s not a strong enough candidate, that is one thing. Biden could have demonstrated a strong candidacy and won Obama’s support.

But if Barack Obama offered to endorse Biden for president and Biden refused, that’s not too bright. At all.

In a crowded Democratic primary, where you main qualification is your public service to the most beloved of any modern Democratic President with extremely high approval ratings, you take the endorsement.

If Biden refused the relatively innocuous advantage of a ringing Obama endorsement, just when it would have helped him most, when his candidacy was still strong, it tells us one thing for certain.

Joe Biden isn’t ready to play hard ball against Donald Trump and win.

(contributing writer, Brooke Bell)

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