Joe Biden is Right About Taxing the Ultra-Wealthy

The wealth gap between the top 0.01% and the rest of us is incomprehensible.

“WEALTH IN THE USA”. Each of the 5 slices represents one quintile (20%) of the U.S. population grouped by net worth. That means that in 2005 the top quintile (yellow) owned 84% of the country’s wealth. The upper middle quintile (red) owned 11%. The middle quintile (blue) owned 4%. The lower middle quintile (pink) owned 0.2%. And the bottom quintile (orange) owned 0.1%. (photo: er00mb0b)

If you were educated in the U.S. public school system anytime prior to the last decade, and probably anywhere else on Earth for that matter, you were likely shown a physical model of our solar system at some point.

Who can forget it?