It’s Time for Environmental Advocates like A.O.C. to Stop Eating Meat

A 2015 climate change march in London held as part of a series of rallies worldwide prior to the COP21 Paris climate change talks. Activists want decisive action to limit the rise in average global temperature. (photo: Alisdare Hickson)

Everybody But Me

Everyone Else is Just Living in the World, Too AOC

So why are they still eating meat?

A participant in London’s 29 November climate march carries her home made placard with the message that going vegan is probably the biggest contribution anyone can make to limiting and hopefully eventually reversing global warming and climate change. (photo: Alisdare Hickson)

Hypocrisy Hurts the Cause

The reasons are manifest and many:

Faith Without Works is Not Faith




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Dr. Munr Kazmir

Dr. Munr Kazmir

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