It Is Time For Sheriff Scott Israel To Go

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was incredibly indignant at talk show host and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch last week, claiming that what she was doing — suggesting people have a legal right to own guns — is making his constituents less safe.

But if he wanted to see who was making his constituents less safe, perhaps the Sheriff should have taken a look at his own police department.

As Loesch pointed out, Israel’s department reportedly received over three dozen calls about the eventual shooter Nikolas Cruz and did nothing. Cruz even called the police himself to say he was afraid he might do something to himself or somebody else and nothing was done.

In addition, the school had an armed Sheriff’s deputy on duty named Scot Peterson. Apparently, Peterson was aware gunshots were flying, and still chose to wait outside for roughly four minutes and wait for other police officers to arrive.

There are those — such as David Hogg, one of the shooting’s survivors — that have said we should not be so hard on Peterson. After all, he is a human being and it is only natural that he would be scared in a situation like that. And really, how do any of us know what we would have done if we were in his shoes?

That would be an acceptable line of thinking if Peterson were the school janitor, a teacher, or the lunch lady.

But he was none of those things. He was a law enforcement officer whose entire purpose for being on that campus was to at least be prepared to act if something like this happened.

He didn’t.

Add to it the fact that three other Broward County Deputies apparently arrived on the scene and did nothing.

Shameful does not even begin to describe it.

Peterson has resigned but the absolutely disgraceful repeated failures by local law enforcement here are outrageous and unacceptable.

No wonder why Israel was so hostile to Dana Loesch. He was desperately trying to cover for his own department’s shortcomings.

Scott Israel decided to point a finger at others instead and only spoke up about Peterson’s incompetence after it became public and he had no choice.

And the cherry on top is that after ALL of this came out, Israel had the nerve to claim to CNN’s Jake Tapper that he has provided “amazing leadership” throughout this whole process.

The man is clearly delusional.

It is time Israel finally stops pointing fingers and takes a long hard look at his own incompetence. The conduct of his office was disgraceful and may very well have stopped this massacre from being prevented.

If Sheriff Israel had any shame at all, he would follow Peterson’s lead and resign immediately.

But if his conduct in the aftermath of the tragedy and his answers to Jake Tapper on CNN are any indication, it would appear Israel has absolutely no shame at all.

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