Saturday, a terrorist stabbed a man to death and injured four other people with a knife in central Paris.

The suspect has now been identified as a Chechen-born French citizen on a terror watchlist who had been questioned by counter-terrorism police last year due to his links with Islamist radicals. ISIS has since claimed credit for this attack.

Then Sunday, a husband and wife team used their four children in a series of deadly suicide attacks on three churches in the Indonesian city of Surabaya.

Those attacks that left seven people dead and forty-one people hospitalized with injuries.

These attackers also reportedly have ties to ISIS.

This is not a game.

First and foremost, these countries and their surrounding neighbors must be willing to take the steps necessary to eradicate these threats.

Regardless of what the strongest military powers in all regions decide to do to combat these ISIS monsters, the countries who were themselves the victims must be prepared to act in their respective nation’s best interest and do what needs to be done to ensure their citizens are safe from future attacks.

As for the United States, this country cannot be the world’s policeman.

However, we must keep in mind that we are talking about an organization — ISIS — that continues to wreak havoc against innocent people in numerous countries all over the world. Unfortunately, ISIS are the ones who have declared war and this is a fight that everybody must be willing to participate in, whether they like it or not.

The international community needs to stand up and be willing to call this out for what it is, while simultaneously being willing to work together to stop more of it from happening in the future.

Because if they don’t, more people all over the world are going to die.

A lot more.

And that’s not something anybody should be willing to allow.