I keep hearing liberals are champions of the “little guy.” But this uproar over Trump Hotel in Washington, DC has honestly got me wondering if that is nothing more than a marketing ruse.

Boycotts have been called for and some even want to shut the hotel down simply because it has the Trump name attached.

Of course, this would not really hurt Donald Trump. The man is a billionaire and one hotel going out of business would not do much to negatively impact the president’s bottom line.

But it sure would financially cripple the hundreds of employees who make their living and pay their bills working at the hotel.

I hear complaints about conflict of interest, and while I understand the concern, again, look at what that hotel really means to the presidents bottom line. It is a blip on the radar.

And take a look at what a room costs at that hotel as opposed to others in similar areas of DC. For that amount of money, do you really think anybody is buying influence? Lobbyists toss around millions daily, but a few hundred bucks for a hotel room is going o get the job done?

I don’ think so.

I personally think the president should just sell the hotel altogether so there is not even an appearance of impropriety.

But to think it makes any difference in terms of favors or how policy is set is just ridiculous.

As I said, in terms of buying favors, worry about the big money from K Street, not some small potatoes mini-bar charges in a hotel room.

But beyond that, if you actually do care about the “little guy,” then stop trying to hurt him by attempting to get this hotel shutdown just because you do not like the president.

These are real people with real lives, real families, and real bills.

Your vendetta should not extend to them.

So, if you really care about the average person, stop wasting your time on trivial nonsense like hotels, and focus on policies you think will help improve their lives.

It’s what you say you stand for.

So stop hiding behind a bunch of angry anti-Trump bluster and propose real solutions that do not involve stripping working and middle class people of their jobs at a hotel just because you despise seeing the owner’s name on the building.