Is Insult-Comedy a Casualty of the Pop Culture War?

Jewish comedian Lenny Bruce being arrested in October 1961. Bruce was routinely arrested for jokes about the Pope, among other topics controversial at the time. (photo: Examiner Press photo)

Don’t Say What I Say, Don’t Do What I Do

Things are changing in Hollywood, and so goes America.

Hollywood can’t just slapstick a strait man into a dress and call it a movie anymore.

Or rather, they can’t just keep putting a man in a dress and calling it a comedy, because just now they’re busy yelling at everyone for laughing at it.

The Non-Existent Studio Audience

We’re rude because a generation of people in the U.S. developed their sense of humor watching snarky, yet lovably underdog, tv antiheroes insulting friends too stupid to understand innuendo for the benefit of a studio audience.

That Stuff Wasn’t Funny to Begin With

But nothing much is.

Can Insult-Comedy Survive?

Can we be funny and respectful of everyone? Is there anything redeeming about insult-comedy?



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