Inflation, Crime, and Immigration

Dr. Munr Kazmir
4 min readDec 4, 2023

Political issues central to Election Day 2024 are already on the minds of most voters.

Photo by Phil Scroggs on Unsplash.

The Democratic Position on Crime Is a (Political) Crime,” waxed Ruy Teixeira passionately for The Liberal Patriot on November 30, 2023. “There is a better way.”

“As we head into the 2024 election, Biden’s chief liability is clearly voter dissatisfaction with the economy, which triumphalist talk about “Bidenomics” has done little to allay,” began Teixeira. “However, there are other serious weaknesses he will have to overcome. One obvious one is immigration and the border where voters’ assessment of his administration’s performance is particularly dire. But we shouldn’t forget about crime and public safety, where Democrats’ image is scarcely better.”

Teixeira isn’t alone in voicing serious concerns.

“Is the rise of anti-immigration Dutch politician Geert Wilders a warning to the liberals in America that they need to take our immigration crisis more seriously?” host Bill Mahr asked during a recent episode of “Real Time.”

Mahr’s question, submitted by a viewer, was put to longtime Democratic Party analyst and political prognosticator, James Carville. Known for his plain-speaking and Trumanesque knack for voicing unpopular opinions, Carville didn’t disappoint.

“I don’t give ’em hell; I tell the truth and they think it’s hell.” — Harry S. Truman

“Do you want a sharp, truthful answer?” began Carville. “Yes, it is — because people — but understand this, people like immigrants okay? What they don’t like is disorder, and when you become the disorder party, whatever it is, you pay a price. Now, one of the reasons that we’re having this problem, this is what 3.6% unemployment does for you. Do you think we’re the only people that know that?”

“Or do you think — and by the way, if somebody — if you’ve got a woman who lives in Honduras and she walks with a 10-year-old and 6-year-old to the Mexican border and wants to come into this country, come on in, lady. You’re a motivated person. We need you, period.”

What voters object to, in Carville’s estimation, is the sense that illegal immigration has burgeoned into an out-of-control problem…