If You Hate America So Much Then Why Are You Still Here?

I enjoyed my 4th of July like most people since I spent time with my family and had a nice barbecue.

But some people decided to use the Holiday as a way to denigrate America.

All over social media, I saw posts about how horrible this country is with pictures ranging from people spitting on the flag to burning it.

Listen, I am not one for blind allegiance to anything or anybody and I am certainly not going to claim America does not have its flaws.

But what exactly is the purpose of lighting a flag on fire other than being a heel?

And if you hate America so much that you are motivated to burn a flag, then why are you still living Here?

There are plenty of countries in this world, so why waste your time living somewhere you think is so horrible?

I suspect the answer in most cases is these people are just having a temper tantrum and are desperate for attention.

It’s the same exact scenario we see with celebrities when a Republican wins the presidency.

They threaten to leave, but never do.

Instead, they just stay and complain about how much they hate it here.

Well, as an immigrant who has lived in other countries and travelled all over the world, I can say with a high level of certainty that America is not a horrible place.

In fact, quite the opposite.

For those who think otherwise — those who hate it here so much they want go burn the American flag or threaten to move, all I can say is, there is the door.

Don’t let it hit you in the ass on your way out.

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