If You Are a Democrat Who Doesn’t Understand Why Schultz is Running, You Are Part of the Problem

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, answered questions from Marines and Sailors shortly after delivering a speech about his book, “For Love of Country,” during his visit to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif. in 2014. (photo: Cpl. Ashton Buckingham)

Running Scared

If you think there will be a Starbucks on the Moon before Howard Schultz becomes President of the United States, you are already in deep trouble:

You acknowledge that if there ever is a coffee shop on the moon, it will be a Starbucks and Howard Schultz will have put it there.

Thus, your objection to a Schultz presidential candidacy in 2020 isn’t a question of his competency. But it is a question of someone’s.

A Question of Competency

On the other hand, if your objection to Schultz on the ballot in all 50 states in 2020 is more an objection to splitting the Democratic vote, thereby undermining the potential election of the Democratic candidate for President, you’re in serious trouble.

How Schultz Could Win

Howard Schultz: A third-party centrist candidate like me could win the presidency in 2020.

Howard Schultz has served as CEO and executive chairman of Starbucks during his tenure from 1986- 2018. (photo: Marco Paköeningrat)

The Power of the Independent Vote

42% of American voters identify as an Independent. Many voters who register as Republicans and Democrats only do so in order to vote in primary elections in their districts, and aren’t entirely off the table as potential independent voters either.

Logo design which Schultz has unveiled. Designed for use in an independent presidential bid if he decides to run. Unveiled January 29, 2019. (Source: Howard Schultz)

Democratic Socialists: Eroding Democratic Base Support Like It’s a Full-Time Job with Benefits

When they aren’t alienating the middle, emboldening the opposition, terrifying the business community, freezing the blood of wealthy Democratic donors who helped get them elected with loose talk of a 70% tax rate, newly elected Democratic Socialists spend their time suggesting that the existence of billionaires is morally wrong.

Democrats Are Blowing It

Going too far left is alienating the majority of the Democratic base. Scaring them into voting against Trump isn’t going to win the Independent vote, or sway Republican moderates.

Democratic Socialists: Back to the Drawing Board

Trying to take step number 1100 before step number 4 doesn’t work.



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