If You Are a Democrat Who Doesn’t Understand Why Schultz is Running, You Are Part of the Problem

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, answered questions from Marines and Sailors shortly after delivering a speech about his book, “For Love of Country,” during his visit to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif. in 2014. (photo: Cpl. Ashton Buckingham)

Running Scared

You acknowledge that if there ever is a coffee shop on the moon, it will be a Starbucks and Howard Schultz will have put it there.

A Question of Competency

How Schultz Could Win

“I have met so many people who feel frustrated and ignored because the party they once proudly embraced now embraces extreme ideologies and revenge politics over sensible solutions and collaborative problem-solving. Polarization and divisiveness among Republicans and Democrats are spoiling the potential of our country, making it possible for a new choice to emerge.” — Howard Schultz, USA Today. January 29, 2019

Howard Schultz has served as CEO and executive chairman of Starbucks during his tenure from 1986- 2018. (photo: Marco Paköeningrat)

The Power of the Independent Vote

Logo design which Schultz has unveiled. Designed for use in an independent presidential bid if he decides to run. Unveiled January 29, 2019. (Source: Howard Schultz)

Democratic Socialists: Eroding Democratic Base Support Like It’s a Full-Time Job with Benefits

Democrats Are Blowing It



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