When most of the Philadelphia Eagles snubbed President Trump, and then President Trump snubbed the team as a whole in return, I felt like it could have been a missed opportunity for both sides to get together and hash out their differences.

Apparently, I was not alone.

New York Jets linebacker Jordan Jenkins had similar thoughts, telling NJ.com’s Darryl Slater the following:

“It’s a bad thing for both sides. Theyve got a lot of activists on that team. And they could’ve possibly had some talks. There could’ve been a lot of stuff that could’ve been accomplished if the White House and the Eagles would’ve come together for something. I feel like they could’ve had some productive talks. You’re always looking to bring both sides together. Some positive could come out of a meeting like that. It’s sad that that doesn’t get to happen. It sucks to see something like that happen.”

His point made sense then and still does. You cannot make progress unless you talk to those on the other side of your issue.

Unfortunately, many of the players on the Eagles did not see it that way.

But is it possible President Trump does?

According to reports, the president opined that he would be open to meeting with players to discuss their concerns.

Now there is talk about whether or not the players should accept the president’s offer.

Of course they should.

The same way it is wise for President Trump to talk to North Korea to try to ease tensions for the good of humanity, it would also be positive for NFL players to have a dialogue with the president if the president is willing to listen.

Diplomacy does not always work, but it is the only way to bring about peace short of violently forcing one side into submission. Since violence does not seem to be the goal for either side here, the players should show they are above petty feuds and take the president up on his offer to meet and discuss criminal justice reform.

Say what you will about President Trump, but being that he is a man of no true ideology, he is easily the most persuadable president of my lifetime.

That can be good or bad depending on the issue and who the president chooses to listen to, but it does show that headway can be made if you can get the president into a room with you.

Kim Kardashian securing a pardon for Alice Johnson is a perfect example of that.

NFL players have a golden opportunity here — one that does not come along very often — to put their issues with the criminal justice system in front of the most powerful man in the country for consideration.

The president may listen and decide to take action to help or he may not. There are no guarantees.

But it is an incredible chance these players are being given.

So, if they truly care about criminal justice reform, NFL players need to do the right thing here — no matter how much it might require swallowing some pride — and take the president up on his offer.

Because who knows if they will ever have an opportunity this promising again.