Ever since President Trump was elected, certain members of the media have gone full blown insane.

Over at National Review Online late last year, Charles CW Cooke took one of these aforementioned media members to task.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin is a “conservative” yet she opposes literally everything President Trump does.

That in an if itself is not really a big deal — plenty of the president’s policy proposals aren’t traditionally conservative and many right-leaning people oppose them.

I have had several disagreements with the president myself.

But what makes this absurd in Rubin’s case is the fact that she is now completely against policies she herself had championed for seemingly no other reason than Trump being in favor of them.

If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, go read Cooke’s column. In a piece that still holds up incredibly well, the National Review columnist lays Rubin out and exposes her quite clearly for the fraud that she so obviously is.

To Cooke’s credit, he also shrewdly pointed out that there really is no difference between Rubin and those on the other side — like Sean Hannity and Tomi Lahren — who shamelessly cheerlead EVERYTHING the president does, even if it seemingly goes against their long-held beliefs.

The Daily Wire’s Been Shapiro — himself a conservative Trump skeptic — has done a terrific job of explaining the difference between himself and people like Rubin.

Shapiro did not vote for the president and often says Trump is such a mixed bag that you never know if you’re going to get “Good Trump” or “Bad Trump.”

Along with other prominent conservative Trump critics like the aforementioned Charles CW Cooke, Jonah Golldberg, Jim Geraghty, Dana Loesch, Rich Lowry, and others, Shapiro praises the president when he sees him promoting conservative principles and criticizes him when he doesn’t.

But there is a group of so-called conservatives who have been driven so crazy by the president that they somehow feel they cannot even give him a compliment when he does something they would have liked if it had been done by any other president.

Jennifer Rubin is one of the most notable examples, along with Bill Kristol, Brett Stephens, David Frum, Ana Navarro, Evan McMullin, and Max Boot.

These are “conservatives” who are on television constantly simply to be used as hammers to be used to bash the president.

They may not know it yet, but what they are doing is going to backfire on them and in a lot of ways, it already has.

Critics complain about the president’s attacks on the media, but when they constantly report things that are not true — whether out of malice or negligence — it just makes people trust them even less than already do.

The same thing goes for people like Rubin.

Cooke’s blistering takedown highlighted just how intellectually dishonest and unprincipled she is, and it wouldn’t take much effort go prove the same of the others I mentioned.

Sure, they are heroes to the “#Resistance” now, but they are sacrificing any ounce of credibility they have with anybody who isn’t an unabashed hater of the president.

That’s fine for now, I suppose, but Donald Trump won’t be president forever. So what happens when he’s gone?

Exactly who will be listening to Rubin and her ilk then?

My guess is very few people.

I hope Rubin and the others are soaking up all the attention and whatever monetary gains they can now.

Because one day, nobody is going to be interested anymore.

And when that day comes, they’re going to wish they hadn’t sold off their credibility for a few pats on the back from people who never really liked or respected them to begin with.

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