Bronx Democratic Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently held a public event where she welcomed members of her community to talk about issues they felt were important and wanted to discuss with their liely soon-to-be representative.

Anybody and everybody was welcome at this event, except for one group: the press.

So, then she is banning a free press from attending event that is open to the public?

Here was what Ocasio-Cortez had to say about it on her official Twitter account:

Additionally, with this town hall non-story: it was designed to protect + invite vulnerable populations to PUBLIC discourse: immigrants, victims of domestic abuse, and so on. We indicated previously that the event would be closed to press. Future ones are open.

Yeah, I’m not sure she understands what the word “public” means.

If Ocasio-Cortez did not want the press there, she should have made the event private and required advanced registration or used some other measure to determine who could be in attendance.

But making an event public and then banning reporters seems a lot like authoritarianism, does it not?

Putting aside the fact that this is 2018 and anybody with a cell phone camera and an ipad can technically report what was happening at an event like this, exactly what is Ocasio-Cortez trying to imply by saying she wanted to encourage public discourse among vulnerable populations?

Is she trying to say that the media reporting on this event would have been an impediment, or even a danger to said mission?

Wasn’t there a certain president, whom Ocasio-Cortez and her political allies often refer to as a wannabe dictator — who referred to the press as the enemy of the American people?

Exactly how is this different?

The truth is, I suspect, that Ocasio-Cortez and her camp did not ban the media from this event because they were afraid the media would report unfavorably about vulnerable constituents.

They feared the media catching her in yet another ridiculous, embarrassing misstep, the type that would normally derail a campaign.

However, to this point, these pathetic mistaes have not and probably will not do much to hurt Ocasio-Cortez, because you would stand a better chance of winning powerball than seeing a Republican elected in her district.

And outside of her district, the people who love her will continue to do so and those who never liked her will lie her even less.

But the people in the middle? They are by and large beginning to see her for the ill-prepared and unqualified novice that she really is, and they are not impressed to say the least.

Call it the Palin effect.

The fact that the press might continue to shine a light on her peccadilloes was why she and her camp did not want the press there.

They were afraid of more negative headlines, more snickering, and more exposure of the presumptive Congresswoman’s ridiculous ignorance on the issues she has been such a loud voice for.

Of course, she could not just come out and say that, because then the criticism would just get worse.

So, instead, she hid behind this hilariously transparent lie about supposedly protecting the vulnerable.

Mae no mistake, the only vulnerable person Ocasio-Cortez was trying to protect here was herself.

And in doing so, she further showed herself for what she is: a scared, sheltered, hypocrite, who has no problem yelling about freedom of the press being essential when it involves bashing President Trump, but has no use for a free press when it might damage her.

They say sunlight is the best disinfectant and everyday we are seeing just how true that is in the Bronx.

In fact, at this rate, Ocasio-Cortez may want to invest in some sunscreen.