I watched Mike Pompeo be sworn in as the new Secretary of State this morning and swelled with pride.

I mean, talk about a guy who is perfect to be chief diplomat.

Pompeo had the unenviable task of not only bridging the divide between the intelligence agencies and the president, but also running the FBI, which is the agency at the forefront of the intelligence gathering that is so crucial to the safety and security of the United States.

He was up for the challenge and succeeded where very few could have.

And I have zero doubt he will do the same once he takes over in his new role as Secretary of State.

57 Senators voted for Pompeo’s confirmation and I believe they made the right choice.

A former military officer during the Cold War, Pompeo knows the importance of combating foreign threats in a swift and succinct manner.

And he does not play around.

Pompeo knows there is a time for diplomacy and a time to get tough.

He has already demonstrated this in a big way through how well he has done in the initial peace talks with North Korea.

Pompeo’s presence there carries serious weight because Kim Jong Un understands that while Pompeo’s first instinct is not to recommend use of force, he has no trouble doing so if he feels it must be done.

Another example of the new Secretary of State’s clear understanding of how to properly bring about outcomes in the United States’ favor: The idea behind the Iran nuclear deal — avoiding a war and coming to a peaceful resolution — was good.

However, what was not so good was the lying that President Obama’s team — as Senior Adviser Ben Rhodes bragged to the New York Times — engaged in regarding the timeline and terms of the deal.

Based on what Israel revealed this week, we now know Iran was dishonest about adhering to the terms of the deal, and that the agreement must be reworked or begun again from scratch.

Pompeo understands that war should be avoided, but also that American interests — not Iranian interests — must be served.

Countries that attempt to harm us economically or by harboring terrorists will face consequences for their actions.

The days of empty threats are over.

Mike Pompeo is not a dove, but he’s no war hawk, either.

He’s just a fair man who is hellbent on securing the safety.

If that means reasonable negotiation, he will do it.

If that means getting tough and harsh and refusing to back down, then he will do that, too.

But one thing is for sure: Mike Pompeo is the right man, at the right time, for the right job.

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