The New York Daily News just cut an enormous number of its staff, which is very sad.

As somebody who has lived in the New York area for many years, I have plenty of fond memories of reading the Daily News, Post, and Times.

But sad as it is, the apoplectic reactions of some people on social media was so over the top that it was bordering on ridiculousness.

Constant posts by people lamenting how awful this was and what a dangerous thing it was for society were getting out of control.

And a lot of it was from the same people who ridiculed people working blue collar jobs in Middle America that went away.

“Learn new sills,” they were told. “That job is obsolete and it is never coming back.”

Well, many journalists may want to follow that advice as well.

I have a friend who worked for years as an editor at a small local newspaper on the east coast. After a while, he saw the writing on the wall and transitioned into public relations, where he now makes a good salary and has steady employment.

Others who write for a living like the reporters at the Daily News are likely best served doing the same, and it will be a lot easier for them to transition their sills than it ever would be for a coal miner in West Virginia.

As far as the layoffs themselves go, much as it is unpleasant to face reality, Megan Mcardle of the Washington Post hit the nail on the head when she said it is easy to blame the newspapers parent company Tronc, but the real reason the layoffs occurred is because of the readers.

Those same readers whose subscription numbers generated plenty of ad revenue in the past simply are not there anymore.

People are turning to digital sources and in the current landscape, there just is not enough interest to support three daily newspapers in New York City.

The way people get their news has been changing for years and as a result, what happened at the Daily News was a long time coming.

I feel bad for those who lost their jobs and for others who will lose theirs at other newspapers in the future.

But I also realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg, because technology is constantly evolving and the news business is no exception.

It is sad, but it is the way of the world.

The market has spoken.

And unlike what many journalists on social media may try to tell you, it is far from some sort of national tragedy.

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