So, for some reason, Dr. Jordan Peterson has become a bit of a controversial figure in our culture, especially among those on the political left.

I have seen him called everything from alt-right to racist to misogynist to anti-trans. People have protested him, numerous pieces in mainstream publications have been written to denounce him, and he has has been called “dangerous” by many loud voices.

I have watched some of his speeches and read some of his work and personally found it interesting and could not understand the controversy.

So I decided to go hear the man speak for myself.

Dr Peterson did a show in Philadelphia yesterday in front of a sold out crowd at the Tower Theatre to discuss his latest book, “12 Rules for Life.”

He spoke for roughly 90 minutes and did a Q and A session afterwards with Dave Rubin, the popular youtube host of the “Rubin Report.”

So what did I hear?

Mostly a man who believes in the power of individual decision making and basic societal structures.

A big theme of Peterson’s talk — he nly got through 8 of the 12 rules from the book — was that each individual needs to take control of his own life and cannot blame every bad occurrence they experience on external forces like capitalism or the white male patriarchy.

He also hammered home the idea that what really matters is not the political, but the personal — ie: what are you doing to create your own happiness, how are you helping your family, your community, etc….. in other words: do you have your own house in order?

These are not revolutionary concepts. In fact, they just seem like common sense to me.

But for some reason, it is scaring people who I suppose do not want to have to take responsibility for themselves or face the consequences of their own actions.

So much so that people are lining up trying to take shots at the man.

They do not even want his ideas debated. Those ideas are so odious to some, that they apparently do not even merit a discussion.

Except said ideas very much DO merit a discussion and Peterson’s popularity is an extension of that fact.

There should not be anything controversial about what Peterson is saying, but his talks have become controversial not because of how worthwhile or not his ideas are, but because people who do not like those ideas simply do not want to hear them.
So instead, they engage in smear campaigns.

Telling people to take control of their lives, take care of their families, and not blame external forces for everything that goes wrong are not some crazy new concepts.

And they are certainly not part of some sort of white supremacist plot as Dr Peterson’s enemies are suggesting.

Pretending like they are simply exposes the ludicrous nature of the opposition for what it really is…..


Scared because Peterson’s ideas are so non-controversial to most. Scared because they make sense. And most of all, scared because they are resonating with people.

Like the 3,000 people in a sold out Philly crowd last night.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience and I highly recommend going to see Dr Peterson speak live if he comes to a venue near you.

Because despite all the noise being made by those whom he frightens, if you watch Dr Peterson for yourself, you may learn a thing or two.

And you will likely come away with the same reaction I heard from a friend of mine who I brought with me to the show despite him never having heard of Dr Peterson before.

“THIS is the guy they are all so worried about? WHY?”

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