How to Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste

Politicizing Every Crisis

Everything is Donald Trump’s fault. Everything. Well, everything except Donald Trump; Donald Trump is this guy’s fault.

For All The Good It Does: Blame Trump

Blaming Trump might feel good but it accomplishes nothing. It is a narrative with no nuance.

Mistakes Were Made. Yes, Even by Trump

If you turned on a television or a computer in the last few weeks, you likely heard about the 7-year old girl from Guatemala who died in U.S. custody in December.

Enter the Nuance

According to a PBS report in September, 416 children remained in U.S. custody and had yet to be reunited with parents:

Immigrant Children Separated from their Families

Stop Saying Nazi, Joe. No, really: Please. STOP.

Really, Joe Scarborough? Really? The pictures of the kid’s facilities don’t look that bad, a little cold and industrial perhaps, even in Vox. Although, if you read the Vox article above, you have to get through the adult facility photos, which are admittedly not welcoming, to get to the children’s facilities, which are.

“The Republicans will fall in line. … They’re the North Korean army marching behind the Dear Leader.” -MSNBC’s Joy Reid

These remarks also make shameful light of a humanitarian crisis that continues at this very moment, when thousands of people are interred in forced-labor prison camps that can be easily viewed in our modern satellite imaging age by anyone. Go on, look.

Trump Plays Along

Although, in fairness, left-leaning media alarmists might really hate Trump more because he plays right along with this ridiculous and dangerous new hyperbole and constant exaggeration for dramatic effect than because he thwarts their attempts to smear him by not caring one whit.

Stopping Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is real.

Being Right 100% of the Time

Imagine this scenario: You are shown two photos, one is of a man and his child and one is of a man and a child he intends to traffic.

Now, what if you’re wrong?

The answer to this problem is, of course, due diligence. Exactly what you would demand if faced with this situation: More information.

Did 80 Percent of Undocumented Minors Arrive in the United States Without Parents?

The answer, even according to scopes, is a somewhat begrudging “Untestable Assumptions”. You can tell it’s not the resounding “FALSE” verdict Snopes would like to render on this statistic thrown out by the Trump administration.

“They Look Ok To Me.”

Liberal Democrats in the media are fond of publishing pictures of women and their children when reporting on this issue. They look ok to me, too. However, I personally have never been a group of 10,000 people at any time where I felt that I could vouchsafe every single person.

Enter the Nuance

The migrant caravan is comprised primarily of people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Consider the population of these countries:

  • Guatemala: 16.91 million people
  • Honduras: 9.265 million people
  • El Salvador: 6.378 million people
  • Guatemalan-Americans: 2,195,477 million people
  • Salvadoran-Americans: 1,044,209 million people
  • Honduran-Americans: 702,000 million people



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