How Strong Can the U.S. Economy Get?

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks at the National Christmas Tree Lighting 2019 ceremony Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019, on the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

“I think that this report is a real blockbuster. Payrolls smashed expectations.” — Daniel Zhao, Senior Economist at Glassdoor

“This is a blowout number and the U.S. economy continues to be all about the jobs.” — Tony Bedikian, Citizens Bank, head of global markets.

“I think it's hard not to feel good after getting a jobs report like this. The labor market is continuing to provide the key foundation for the U.S. economy.” — Robert Rosener, Economist- Morgan Stanley.

“At every level of employment, it’s been super tight. I truly believe that anybody who wants to work is working.” — Yvonne Rockwell- Express Employment Professionals

“In January 2017, for example, nearly three years ago, the Congressional Budget Office forecast a 4.7 percent unemployment rate as far as the eye could see, and it projected that the United States labor force would consist of 163.3 million in 2019.”

“The jobless rate has averaged less than 3.7 percent through the first 11 months of the year, and the labor force now stands at 164.4 million people.” — Neil Irwin- New York Times. November 6, 2019.

“The labor market’s hearty performance offers President Trump something he can brag about after he fielded criticism this week for fueling trade tensions with Argentina, Brazil, China and European allies. In Congress, Democrats laid out a plan that could result in an impeachment vote by the end of the year.”

Many Americans, though, are more focused on expanding payrolls and fatter paychecks, and in that respect, Mr. Trump has delivered.” — The New York Times. December 6, 2019



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