House Democrats Left Out on Impeachment Limb Again

The markets fail to react to the latest Democratic “bombshell” and Trump’s campaign has raked in $5 million dollars over the last 24-hours.

President Donald J. Trump listens as Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India addresses his remarks on stage Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019, at a rally in honor of Prime Minister Modi at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

House Democrats seem to have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory this week, as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi finally caved to pressure from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and announced a formal “impeachment inquiry” against Donald Trump.

That there have been House “impeachment inquiries” into Donald Trump since before he even took office, was not mentioned.

Pelosi doing so before the facts of the case became known, on the basis of what seems to be little more than heresy, demonstrates the serious pickle Pelosi has been in since the mid-term elections.

Namely, a freshman class of hard-line progressives with axes to grind, massive Twitter followings, and strong opinions on a variety of topics Democratic leadership would probably rather not discuss until after the election in 2020.

Or never.

Now that the Trump administration has released the transcript of the call in question, and the whistleblower complaint, as requested, Democrats are left out on a limb of promising impeachment they simply can’t deliver. Again.

Even the waffling “impeachment inquiry” tips the Democratic hand: They have nothing. Otherwise it would be “articles of impeachment”.

Anyone needing proof need look no further that the stock market, which is rock-solid amidst this manufactured crisis. Worse, investors seem to be more hopeful for a Trump trade breakthrough with China than fearful that a successful Trump impeachment will rock Wall Street.

Money talks. Follow the money, and it says Trump is safe from impeachment. On this particular charge, at any rate.

But by jumping the gun on impeachment, Democrats are over-promising something they can’t deliver. And painting themselves into a corner.

Voting Democrats, who wouldn’t vote for Trump if he cured childhood cancers at this point, are either reacting with glum pessimism that it won’t amount to much or in anger at why it didn’t happen sooner. Democrats haven’t even managed to impress their base much with this latest feeble shot at Trump.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s campaign is raking in the campaign cash hand over fist. Just in the almost 24-hours since Speaker Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, Trump’s campaign, and the Republican Party, have raised over $5 million dollars.

From small dollar donations.

From all fifty states.

Meaning? Republicans are united. Their voting base is united.

On the left, not so much. Not every voting Democrat considers themselves a hard-line progressive. Nor do all lifelong liberal Democrats want to submit to idealogical ‘purity tests’ where they have to affirm every concept erstwhile embraced only by the most extreme left-leaning in the party or be labeled racists, bigots or worse.

Democrats continue to ignore important facts about voters in America:

Most aren’t single issue voters. Demographic groups are not monolith voting blocs. People do care about the economy, and their jobs.

Not many voters would dispute the need for better stewardship of the Earth, corporate and otherwise. But some of the doomsday prophecies and scare-children tactics, along with the sweeping governmental reform of the business sector for a deeply dubious outcome, are scaring away moderate voters.

Especially the price tag.

Call it the law of unintended consequences.

Like Beto O’Rourke’s ill-considered but rousing remarks “Hell, yes; we’re gonna take your AK-15!” that resulted in him being named the NRA’s AR-15 salesperson of the year as their sales skyrocketed after his rash promises.

Meanwhile, hard-working, serious-minded gun control advocates groaned en masse- knowing a statement like that would undo all their good work convincing gun-owners that sensible legislation will not lead to confiscation.

On the Ukraine call, there simply doesn’t appear to be enough evidence to charge the President with any crime.

Democratic voters aren’t impressed. Trump voters are incensed. Many independents and moderates seem to think that the call implicates the Bidens at least as much as President Trump, and Democrats are being increasingly viewed as politically motivated in these attacks.

Moderates and independents are even wondering if this latest desperate attempt to oust Trump demonstrates a deep-seated Democratic National Committee fear that their candidate could beat Trump in a fair fight, but not Trump’s economy.

An economy designed by Democratic policy-making scares some moderate voters.

And that should scare Democratic leadership.

(contributing writer, Brooke Bell)

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