Holiday Hypocrisy and Handwringing

Hypocrisy, handwringing and a willingness to let Trump be the bad guy.

President Donald J. Trump disembarks Air Force One at Beale Air Force Base, Calif., Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018, to begin his visit to Paradise, Calif., which was devastated by wildfires. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

2018/2019 Border Standoff

That is, they don’t want to pay for it politically. Border security is not a popular topic on the left right now; elected Democrats who support it in the current crisis will be seen as siding with Trump and accused of everything from racism to nationalism and worse.

Proving once again that voters aren’t really very well informed on what Trump’s border security proposal really entails. But since President Trump is doing absolutely nothing to dispel this persistent misconception, the media and those on the left can hardly be blamed entirely for perpetrating it.

Before Democrats Were Against Border Security, They Were For it

  • Double the length of a border fence on the U.S.- Mexico border.
  • End the diversity visa lottery
  • Spend $40 billion on border security
  • Double the number of border agents to 40,000

The Chuck Schumer sponsored and voted for deal included more than $46 billion for border security; $30 billion for hiring more U.S. Border Patrol agents along the southern border; and $8 billion for building or repairing 700 miles of barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Democrats haven’t exactly been silent supporters, either.

“I voted numerous times when I was a Senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.” -Sen. Hillary Clinton, 2010

“I think Europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame [of nationalism]. I admire the very generous and compassionate approaches that were taken particularly by leaders like Angela Merkel, but I think it is fair to say Europe has done its part, and must send a very clear message — ‘we are not going to be able to continue provide refuge and support’ — because if we don’t deal with the migration issue it will continue to roil the body politic.” -Hillary Clinton, November 2018

President Donald Trump attends the Army-Navy NCAA College Football Game on December 8, 2018. (photo: The White House)

General Mattis

But did the Media Care When Obama Fired General Mattis? Flashback: Media Silence After Obama Fires General Mattis Without Even a Call.

The Mattis v. Trump purported fallout point? Trump wants U.S. troops out of Syria. Trump seeks high ground over Mattis as Syria withdrawal is ordered.

Liberal Democrats have a problem over this why? If anything, the man they called “Mad Dog” Mattis during the Obama administration leaving a position of power should come as great news, withdrawal of U.S. troops even more so.

Now, Mattis is suddenly cast as the hero, the lone voice crying in the wilderness, the whistleblower: The man who said Emperor Trump has no clothes. Suddenly, CNN loves this guy:

“Sean, I’ve killed people for a living. If you call me again, I’m going to f — king send you to Afghanistan. Are we clear?” -Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, to former Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Spicer is an officer in the Navy Reserve.

“Nothing. I keep other people awake at night,” -Jim Mattis, in response to a television interview question about whether anything keeps him up at night.

Shaken, saddened, scared: Washington erupts over Mattis resignation. I don’t know, CNN; sounds like we should have been a little more worried before he resigned.

President Donald J. Trump walks through Arlington National Cemetery’s Section 60 with Army National Military Cemeteries and Arlington National Cemetery leadership Saturday, Dec. 15, 2018, during the annual Wreaths Across America event in Washington, D.C. With the President are Karen Durham-Aguilera, Executive Director, Army National Military Cemeteries and Arlington National Cemetery; U.S. Army Col. Jerry Farnsworth, Chief of Staff, Army National Military Cemeteries and Arlington National Cemetery; and U.S. Army Command Sgt. Maj. Juan Abaru, Army National Military Cemeteries and Arlington National Cemetery. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)


The situation with Syria was the final straw that led to the Mattis resignation and ousting: The Loyal Soldier Reached His Limit. Members in the press are bewailing the lack of adult supervision in the White House.

But is Trump so wrong about Syria? He seems to have a plan, which is more than can be said of many ill-considered deployments and/or withdrawals of troops stationed overseas, far from their families and in harm’s way.

Trump says Saudis will pay to rebuild Syria: ‘Thanks Saudi A!’, even though we wish he would say it from the Presidential podium and read, from a teleprompter, a prepared speech written by a crack team of the best speechwriters available, like a civilized President.

Trump also, it would seem, intends to let Turkey take a much more active role in Syria: Trump told Turkey’s Erdogan in Dec. 14 call about Syria, ‘it’s all yours. We are done’. Trump says Turkey leader promised to ‘eradicate’ ISIS in Syria.

Trump, Erdogan to coordinate as U.S. pulls out of Syria: Turkish presidency.

Sounds pretty adult to me.

Just because you don’t like someone, doesn’t make them wrong.

(contributing writer, Brooke Bell)

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