Yesterday, CNN reporter Jim Acosta decided to interrupt President Trump in the middle of a speech about an unrelated topic to yell at the president about whether or not he will continue to call the press the enemy of the American people in the wake of the shooting at a newspaper in Maryland.

We later found out that the shooting had nothing to do with hatred of the media in general, as it turned out the gentleman responsible had a vendetta against that specific newspaper for having printed something about him in the past and had even sued them years ago.

Not that it would have mattered to CNN’s resident self-centered attention hog, anyway.

Acosta did not care about the issue, he simply wanted to be able to say “See, look, at me, I ask the tough questions and the president doesn’t answer….I’m such a hero!”

Problem is, nobody is buying his act anymore, not even other journalists, several of whom asked him to be quiet.

As is the case with any president, Americans need a press that will ask the tough questions, but Acosta is a prime example of why so many distrust the media and many of its most high profile personalities.

Since President Trump’s election, many have seen themselves not just as somebody there to do a job, but as an actual hero of some sort, helping the country put out important fires.

And I mean that literally, because that is more or less what Katy Tur said when she compared journalists to firefighters running into a burning building.

A reporter’s job is to report the story not actually be the story.

But do not tell that to Jim Acosta.

His bizarre hero complex has destroyed his credibility and made him a joke to virtually everybody outside of his friends, family, and the most hardcore #Resist types who just enjoy watching anybody be obnoxious to the president.

If Jim Acosta wants to be a reporter, then he should report rather than continuing to be this caricature he has turned himself into.

Otherwise, maybe he should think about taking Katy Tur’s analogy literally and becoming an actual firefighter.

At least then he might have a chance to be a hero to somebody other than himself.