Many amazing children live with mild to aggressive forms of autism.

But the burden it can sometimes put on family members is incredibly unfortunate.

Taking care of these children is extremely time consuming, demanding, and very expensive, too.

And many parents do not know how to handle the situation since they lack the knowledge and proper training.

This lack of understanding in how to handle children with autism extends far past parents, though and can sometimes lead to major problems in school due to teachers being ill-equipped to deal with the more aggressive cases.

This can lead to children being kicked out of school or even winding up with no place to go entirely.

And unfortunately, in poor countries where public knowledge of the disease is so poor, fears are amplified even more due to ignorance of the condition.

That is why I am so supportive of great projects like the Sanabel Center for autism.

As anybody who knows me is aware, I founded the American International School System in Lahore, Pakistan where I grew up. I did this because I wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of the children in that area.

The Sanabel Association is near and dear to my heart for a similar reason.

It was founded in the middle of the year 2014 by group of doctors and businessmen with a vested interest in philanthropy.

Their aim was to serve local communities in the area of health services, especially in the field of building specialized health centers.

These centers were envisioned to cater specifically to people with special needs, focusing on poor areas that lack the infrastructure needed such as specialized centers and services.

And this is exactly what the Sanabel Center does in Jordan.

The Center is a charitable center for autistic cases in the district of Baqa’a camp where preliminary studies shows the presence of more than 80 cases in the areas indicated.

They train and rehabilitate specialists from the same region to work in the center, attract international aid and expertise to provide the technical and psychological support for autistic cases, provide lectures as well as training for families with an autistic patient to raise awareness, in collaboration with international centers, increase awareness and interest among official and medical agencies in the field of autism, sign agreements with the agencies to ensure support for the center, and provide free service in the autism field for residents in these areas.

As you can see, it is a very important undertaking that requires a lot of time, work, and money, but Sanabel has done a fantastic job and that is why I am thrilled to do anything I can to help their effort.

For more information on the Center and how YOU can help, please refer to the contact information below.

I cannot stress enough how great this cause is and how much I recommend getting involved if you can.

Marwan Hamdan
Title: Sanabel Chairman

Phone: +962 6 5160753

Fax: +962 6 5160372

Mobile: +962 795575286


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