Has the Democratic Party Been United or Bamboozled?

The surprise resurgence of Joe Biden has raised more than a few eyebrows, and not just among Bernie Sanders supporters.

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Supporters of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona. March 5, 2020. (photo: Gage Skidmore)

“Russiagate was not a coup. Mueller was not a coup. Impeachment was not a coup. What happened yesterday was a coup. And we will push it back.” — Marianne Williamson, former presidential candidate and self-help author

Independent, moderate and undecided voters understand why people don’t like Donald Trump; he’s abrasive.

Socially, he is germaphobic dinosaur from another time. He is wealthy, entitled, arrogant and egotistical. He has a history of questionable conduct with women, from infidelity, to crude boasts, to accusations of sexual assault.

He says things that are racist, sexist, and just plain rude. He isn’t refined; he doesn’t have that famous presidential gravitas.

What independent and undecided voters don’t always understand, is why anyone still thinks Democrats are any better.

Many career Democratic politicians are abrasive, more than a few are relics of a bygone age when complimenting a woman’s appearance was considered the height of masculine civility. Racism runs as rampant there as anywhere.

Almost all public office holders, regardless of political party are a bit entitled, arrogant and egotistical. Like the late great Kurt Vonnegut once said, “It takes a certain kind of individual to look out over a group of people and think to themselves: ‘you know who would be great to lead and rule over these people? Me!’”

More than a few Democrats have a history of questionable conduct with women, from crude boasts to accusations of sexual assault.

According to no less authority than Ronan Farrow- he of the bringing down Harvey Weinstein fame- there are credible accusations of rape against Bill Clinton that are long overdue for revisiting post-MeToo#. To say nothing of Clinton’s predatory relationship with a young White House intern while he was president.

In a recent Hulu documentary about Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential run in 2016, Bill Clinton casually blamed his relationship with Lewinsky on his need to “manage presidential anxieties”.

Hillary Clinton, incidentally, played a years-long role in helping keep Bill Clinton’s many accusers quiet, and discredited. She wasn’t exactly helpful to Ronan Farrow when he was working on the Weinstein story, either; Harvey Weinstein donated a great deal of money to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

And lest we forget, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-CT) killed a female campaign staffer. Mary Jo Kopechne, 28, died in a car after Kennedy drove it off a bridge after a late-night celebration. Ted Kennedy died in office.

The racist statements of Joe Biden can scarcely be counted, each more cringeworthy than the next. From calling former President Barack Obama the “first clean, well-spoken African-American candidate,” to Biden’s more recent oratory firework of declaring “poor kids are just as smart as white kids.”

Joe Biden has a history of making women feel uncomfortable, too; taking liberties that most Democrats would find objectionable by any standard, let alone today’s.

Democrat Mike Bloomberg also falls into the category of racist and sexist statements and conduct. From telling a pregnant employee to “kill it” to telling another female employee struggling to find a nanny for her newborn, “It’s a baby! All you need is some black who doesn’t speak english to save it from a burning building”; Bloomberg’s statements are too numerous to mention in one article.

It isn’t just the septuagenarian Democrats, either.

Fresh-faced young Pete Buttigieg had trouble getting traction in the African-American communities due to some of his past statements about the Black experience in America. African-American voters took issue with Buttigieg’s blithe statement that young Black kids don’t have any positive examples of the system working.

With choices like Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden, it is easy to understand why progressive Democratic voters are as anxious for change as Republican voters were in 2016.

Many Democratic voters who consider themselves progressives, especially those who have been supporting the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders, are more than disheartened at the obvious rallying of the Demcoratic Party around Joe Biden.

Most liberal progressives in the Democratic Party know that the DNC very much desired to stop the momentum of the Sanders campaign before it landed Sanders at the top of the Demcoratic ticket.

Most liberal progressives have also noticed that it worked.

For better or for worse- and lets face it, it will probably be for worse- the Democratic Party’s nominee will likely be former vice president Joe Biden.

“For all of those of you who’ve been knocked down, counted out and left behind, this is your campaign.” — Joe Biden

There was already a campaign for those who had been left behind, counted out, forgotten, shunted aside and told to shut-up for the greater part of 10-years; the Bernie Sanders campaign.

For whatever reason, the Democratic powers that be decided that Bernie Sanders was too risky, too progressive, too immoderate for the current climate. Democrats, the DNC insists, must defeat Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders, these same authorities insist, cannot defeat Donald Trump.

“I think they saw some polling that scared the daylights out of them and now the Democrats are stuck with a candidate that almost nobody wants.” — Rep. Jeff VanDrew (R-N.J.)

Lost in the kerfuffle between Biden and Sanders, the first Super Tuesday did not bring welcome news for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In California, the one seat that looked in danger of turning blue now looks to be staying red. In addition, 9 Democratic seats look likely to flip red in November.

This is first concrete sign that Pelosi’s majority in the House might be in danger. Democratic fears about Bernie Sanders, and what his progressive policies represent, might not be entirely unfounded.

But what the Democratic establishment is forgetting in their many machinations to help Joe Biden, is how wrong they were in 2016.

Sen. Bernie Sanders may be the only candidate who can expand the reach of the Democratic Party, restore the faith of progressives and increase Democratic voter turnout.

Progressives in the Democratic Party have already been cheated of their preferred candidate once. Asking them to unite behind an arguably much weaker candidate a mere four years later is going too far.

Liberal progressives are beginning to mistrust the Democratic Party almost as much as they mistrust the Republican Party.

(contributing writer, Brooke Bell)

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