I want to take a break from writing exclusively about serious topics and instead dedicate my space today to something purely positive.

It is the birthday of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and I want to publicly wish him a special day.

These days, he is mostly in the news for defending President Trump or his daughter who is the president’s press secretary, but there is a lot more to Mike Huckabee than that.

He did a wonderful job as Governor of Arkansas, but made an even bigger impact in the lives of those he helped on such a personal level both as a pastor and a health advocate.

It is that latter part I am most impressed with, as Governor Huckabee managed to lose an enormous amount of weight and get himself healthy after spending much of his life being severely overweight.

He has worked tirelessly with others — including many children — to help them get healthy and stay healthy the way he did.

And what more can you say about the man as a father than to look at his daughter Sarah and see what a tremendous success she has become.

Love her or hate her, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders has reached one of the most important positions in the entire world, and she unquestionably did so in part because of the love and support she has received every step of the say from her father.

As a father of four myself, I truly admire that and wish for my own children to be as successful as Governor Huckabee’s daughter, who has done very well handling an unbelievably tough job.

Governor Huckabee made people aware of his birthday today and challenged people on Twitter to see if they could find a way to avoid being negative about it, if only for one day.

I have not read the comments yet, but I am going to guess that did not happen, since unfortunately, as there will always be jerks and trolls on social media.

But for whatever it’s worth, I wanted to offer my own positive comments on the governor’s special day.

May you have a splendid birthday, governor.

You should be very proud of the life you have lived and the achievements you have earned personally and politically, and I hope you have all the success and happiness in the world through many more birthdays to come.