So President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, who is under investigation by the FBI apparently represents Sean Hannity as well.

Hannity, for his part, claims he never actually paid Cohen for any legal work and simply ran some issues by him.

If that is true, then Hannity was never actually Cohen’s client. However, that would also mean attorney-client privilege does not apply.

Many of Hannity’s political enemies and television rivals jumped on this story as proof of something horribly nefarious.

But is it?

Just to get this out of the way right off the bat, while I have met Sean Hannity and find him to be a pleasant person, I do not care much for his on-air persona.

I am a supporter of the president, but Hannity goes far beyond that. He is a straight up sycophant.

But that is sort of the point in all of this, because everybody knows that is what Hannity is at this point.

Yes, Hannity should have disclosed his relationship with Cohen when covering the story of the attorney’s FBI raid.

This would have avoided the appearance of impropriety.

But at the same time, nobody should have expected any kind of impartiality, anyway.

That’s why, ultimately, while this certainly looks bad for Hannity, I do not see this doing much to effect him.

Those who enjoy his brand already knew he defends the president and those around him vociferously no matter what and they clearly do not care.

Conversely, anybody who dislikes Hannity is hostile towards him for that exact same reason.

Nothing involving this Michael Cohen issue is going to change any of that.

Perhaps if this had been a straight news reporter like Shepherd Smith or Bill Hemmer there could be a case to be made for how unethical this is.

But with Hannity and his open cheerleading, ethics went out the window long ago.

What this really does is shine a spotlight on the embarrassingly partisan nature of cable news.

If this were to have happened to Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell — just to use two examples — and an attorney for a prominent democrat president, would anybody really be surprised at all?

Of course not.

So Hannity can deny any conflict of interest if he wants. It is ridiculous claim, but again, I have no doubt he would have behaved the exact same way even if he did not know Cohen simply because of is relationship with the president.

Likewise, I expect Hannity’s naysayers to use this to club him over the head as if somehow, it is a stunning outrage when it really is not.

Sean Hannity is not a straight journalist and never has been, so if anybody wants to act like this is some awful breach of journalistic ethics, they can pretend to be upset about it.

Truthfully speaking though, Sean Hannity has no journalistic ethics and has never pretended otherwise.

He is a conservative pundit who pushes the president’s agenda.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So defend Hannity if you like. Or, yell and scream about how “appalling” this all is.

But just realize that none of it matters and you are wasting your time.

Hannity is not going anywhere and while you can point your finger at him and either laugh or scream, your best couse of action is to just shake your head and move on ton the next fake outrage.