Sean Hannity and Jimmy Kimmel traded barbs for the last few days on Twitter in a feud that started over some silly jokes Kimmel made about first lady Melania Trump’s accent and somehow snowballed from there.

Hannity claimed he was offended and went after Kimmel. Kimmel retaliated and then we were off to the races. The whole back and forth got so out of hand that Jimmy Kimmel — the former “Man Show” host who is not exactly known for civility — backed down over the weekend.

Kimmel clearly realized he had taken everything too far when LGBT groups were hounding him for suggesting homosexual acts were going on between Hannity and the president.

The late night comedy host apologized and seems to want to move on. Hannity, for his part, said he will respond on his Fox News television show tonight.

And therein lies the answer to what all of this was in the first place: a glorified public verbal pro wrestling match.

Kimmel played to his side and Hannity played — and will continue to play tonight — to his.

Anybody who took any of it seriously should just shrug their shoulders and go along to the next outrage on their respective side, whatever that is.

The larger point here, though, should not be lost, which is that while these types of “feuds” are nice little distractions for a few minutes, but they in no way resemble real conversations people should be having.

Cable news, late night shows, etc…. they are fun for entertainment but should never be taken seriously for actual hard news. Same rule applies for Twitter headlines and exchanges from your favorite celebrities and talking heads.

Some “sick burn” by a comedian on Twitter is not a substitute for actual knowledge on the subject.

Likewise some pundit telling a celebrity he is dense or should go back to juggling or whatever other insult is not anything substantive.

Unfortunately, we live in a world now where that does not seem to matter, though.

Don’t believe me? Over the weekend, President Trump foolishly implied he may take military action against Syria.

But what was everybody talking about? Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity.

The circus clowns are fun but you pay attention to them over more important matters at your own peril.

Seems like very few people heed that wisdom, though.
It is why CNN’s website is doing stories fact checking whether or not Hannity made Michelle Obama jokes to see if he is a hypocrite.

Celebrity culture has conquered all in our society. It could not be more obvious.

Especially to Sean Hannity.

After all, why do you think he promised a response to Kimmel on his show tonight rather than simply accepting the apology over the weekend on Twitter?

Do not even bother thinking about it, because you already know the answer.

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