So how do you typically spend your birthday?

Me? I usually like to spend time with my family, go out for a nice dinner, maybe talk to a few friends.

Apparently, though, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) thinks it is more prudent to spend a birthday arguing about guns on Twitter and then essentially threatening to drop nukes on those who would not wish to comply with his mandatory gun confiscation plan.

In case you missed it, Swalwell managed to stop complaining that the Russians are responsible for everything from the election of President Trump to the injury of Jimmy Garoppolo — My God, Putin is everywhere! — just long enough to post on Twitter yesterday that he would like to institute a $15 billion buyback of all “assault rifles” in the United States.

Let’s put aside the ridiculous term “assault rifle” for a second and focus on the fact that this “buyback” would be mandatory, and thus it is less of a “buyback” than a confiscation.

When a Twitter user pointed this out to Swalwell and suggested that he and many of his fellow gun owners would not comply, meaning government force would have to be used, the extremely dim rep from California said it would not take long to get citizens to comply, because the government has nuclear weapons at its disposal.

Ah yes, nuking half the country to “own” the conservatives.

Bold strategy, Cotton!

We will come back to how absolutely ludicrous that concept is in a second, but first, I would be remiss if I did not take a second to find it just a wee bit curious that when President Trump calls a reporter a mean name, he is somehow threatening our democracy, but when a Congressman implies on Twitter that anybody who does not want to go along with his proposal would be wiped out with nuclear weapons, that is somehow no big deal.

As for Swalwell’s actual contention, for starters, the government has had nuclear weapons at its disposal for many years and yet somehow the United States managed to get beaten back out of Vietnam and is in the 17th year of a war against a tiny country in the Middle East.

It is almost as if idiots like this have never heard of guerilla warfare.

Not to mention the fact that the government will not nuke its own citizens, because it would leave nobody to wield power over.

And of course, the military is not going to go along with any of this.

But the idea that Swalwell — and let’s be honest, plenty of people like him — think that using force in the form of police/military confiscations is either moral or practical is absolutely insane.

There are 300 million guns in this country and a very high number of them are semi-automatic rifles like the ones Swalwell would be targeting.

If even ten percent of those gun owners decide to resist, what then?

You are going to send armed law enforcement in after them?

If you want to see how that would end up, go read about WACO and Ruby Ridge.

All of that said, while Swalwell clearly has not thought through the implications of his “buyback” for even 30 seconds, I do admire him for one thing:

His honesty.

He went where nearly all anti-gun advocates want to go but are afraid to articulate out loud.

Instead, they talk about “common sense gun laws” or ridicule you for thinking they want to take your guns.

Then they propose outlawing all semi-automatic weapons — which would be 80–90% of legal guns in the United States since automatic weapons are already illegal — and confiscations which would result in a lot of arrests and bloodshed, but instead of calling it what it is, they couch it in warmer sounding terms like “buyback.”

Swalwell, perhaps because he knows he represents a district that will never punish him for it, gave the game away with his Tweets yesterday.

Many gun owners are angry about it, but honestly, they should be thanking Swalwell for dropping the mask and laying it all out on the table for the entire country to see.

And for all the talk of President Trump supposedly being a fascist, it is amazing to hear the ind of talk Swalwell resorted to, right out in the open, without even a hint of shame or irony.

There are those in our government who are gearing up to propose using legitimately fascist tactics to achieve political ends they desire.

But if people like Rep. Swalwell want to see who the fascists really are, they may want to avert their gaze from the White House for a minute or two and find the nearest mirror.



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