From Public Hangings to Public Shamings, the Mob Still Wants Blood

A “Wicker-Man” engraving believed to be from the 18th century. A wicker man was a large wicker statue reportedly used by the ancient Druids (priests of Celtic paganism) for sacrifice by burning it in effigy. (photo: public domain)

“God Told Me To Kill You”

When Bad Guys Think They’re the Good Guys

Greater Wrongs, Bigger Justifications

“If I hadn’t done it, someone else would have and they would have been way worse than me.”

“We Only Killed the Bad People.”

The Inhuman Other


“If we kill or banish these people, oh Greater Good, we beg you, end our struggles and give us peace. Oh, Social Justice, if we grant you the lives and future livelihoods of these racist kids, we beg that you will end injustice in America.”

You Can’t Get There From Here

The Scapegoat Temptation




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Dr. Munr Kazmir

Dr. Munr Kazmir

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