French Intellectuals: “France is under threat from out-of-control leftism.”

Dr. Munr Kazmir
5 min readFeb 10, 2021

Progressive French President Emmanuel Macron recently warned French citizens not to import American cancel culture.

French President Emmanuel Macron visiting the Angoulême International Comics Festival (France) with the Minister of Culture Franck Riester. January 30, 2020. (photo: ActuaLitté)

Politicians, journalists, and intellectuals in France are concerned that “out-of-control leftism and cancel culture’’ from the United States is a threat to France.

Those who argue against the “woke” social science theories insist that American ideas regarding race, gender and post-colonialism undermine French society and attack France’s heritage.

“With its echoes of the American culture wars, the battle began inside French universities but is being played out increasingly in the media. Politicians have been weighing in more and more, especially following a turbulent year during which a series of events called into question tenets of French society,” the NYTimes reported. “Some saw the reach of American identity politics and social science theories. Some center-right lawmakers pressed for a parliamentary investigation into “ideological excesses’’ at universities and singled out “guilty’’ scholars on Twitter.”

The Times mentioned a speech French President Emmanuel Macron delivered in October on the “Fight against Separatism”, in which he warned about “certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States.”