Mickey Mouse, Rupert Murdoch, former House Speaker Paul Ryan and former DNC chair Donna Brazile walk into a bar…

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Donna Brazile at the DNC in 2016. (photo: VOA News)

Crazy Like a Fox

It’s official: Disney will go where Rupert Murdoch fears to tread, taking on the Netflix, Amazon, and soon, Apple, triumvirate of instantly available content with its own Disney+ streaming service coming later this year.

Marvel Characters, Unite!

In a Marvel family reunion for the ages, Disney and 21st Century Fox combined forces today, finalizing a $71.3 billion dollar deal that will bring characters like Deadpool and the X-Men into the Marvel fold with the rest of the wise-cracking superhero crew.

The Fox Stands Alone

The new stand-alone Fox Corporation will still own its broadcast network and affiliates, and will still retain Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network and Fox Sports.

Paul Ryan on Fox

Joining the board of directors of the new Fox Corporation is political powerhouse and all-around Republican good guy, former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Donna Brazile on Fox

In perhaps the most surprising move of all, Fox News has announced former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile will be joining the Fox family of news commentators.

“Will I agree with my fellow commentators at Fox News? Probably not. But I will listen. Will I question some of their assertions about hard-working Americans, low-income people and issues like climate change? Absolutely. But I will do so with civility and respect.” — Donna Brazile

Conservative viewers might take umbrage with the choice, considering Brazile has been a polarizing figure herself in the past.

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