FBI Dismisses Anti-Semitism Motive After Synagogue Hostage Crisis

Dr. Munr Kazmir
5 min readJan 16, 2022

How can a terrorist attack targeting a synagogue not be anti-Semitism?

“No Fear: A Rally in Solidarity with the Jewish People,” July 11, 2021, Washington, DC USA. Featuring Elisha Wiesel, Arizona House Representative Alma Hernandez, Noa Tishby, Ysabella Hazan, Joshua Washington, Rabbi Shlomo Noginski, Blake Flayton, Meghan McCain. (photo: Ted Eytan)

For many of us who move to the United States, the American Dream isn’t a fancy car, or a nice house; it isn’t swimming pools, supermarkets or the suburbs.

The American Dream- from the beginning of this great experiment in liberty until now- was and is…