Fake News is for Everyone

A demonstrator at the 2017 Los Angeles Women’s March. (photo: Cody Williams from Los 4ngeles//C4, US)

Everything is Fake News. Nothing is Fake News.

When it comes to the news, bias is unavoidable.

“I think it’s an absolute civic obligation for people to at least briefly review the full political spectrum of viewpoints on any major issue.” -Camille Paglia

That was back in the good old days of 2015. Now, even the google news keyword search function can’t be entirely trusted.

True. TRUE. And completely TRUE.

Like Paglia, I start with and admire the Drudge Report and have since it’s inception. Matt Drudge is also to be admired, if only for his uncanny ability to stay out of the media spotlight himself.

Is it Time to Diversify Your News?

How to tell: Are you just absolutely, blindingly, mind-numbingly furious and convinced the U.S. is going to implode in on itself at any moment?

Caveat Emptor

Look for factors that mitigate your rage. Consider the opposing viewpoint to at least understand what motivates it, you don’t have to agree.

Fake News or Different Perspective?

How reporting the facts minus a piece of critical information creates a mistaken impression and distorts the truth.

“The report also finds that in 2013, the total number of abortions nationwide fell below 1 million for the first time since the mid-1970s.”

While the above sounds factual, if only couched in the context of the Guttmacher Institute study, it suggests as true that anyone really knows how many legal abortions are taking place in the U.S. on a yearly basis.

CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“No National Requirement for Data Submission or Reporting”

Some states, including New Hampshire, Maryland and California, do not report or reliably track legally performed abortions. Which means any debate about abortion- moral, legal or otherwise- lacks the very information crucial to setting responsible policy:

Where and Why and Why it Matters

Regardless of your particular views on the morality and legality of abortion, we should all be able to agree that abortion is likely not the best form of birth control available. If for no other reason than that abortion, just like any other invasive medical procedure, involves a certain inherent health risk to the person undergoing it.

Relative Truth

So, are the NPR article and CNN articles “fake news’? Not exactly. The articles are reporting the statistical facts about abortion numbers as gathered by the CDC; but they are also misrepresenting that information, whether intentionally or not, as a full picture of abortion in the U.S.



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