What is happening today involving Dr. Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh is sad for so many reasons.

Either a woman is being forced to confront a painful memory she has been forced to carry out for 35 years or a man is unnecessarily having his career and reputation completely ruined.

There is no real winner here, no matter how this turns out.

Well, I take that back, there is one winner: the media.

It is amazing what a circus this entire ordeal has become.

What should have been a very serious matter between a woman alleging a horrible assault and a man trying to defend himself from those allegations has turned into a political spectacle and a media feeding frenzy that has engulfed the nation and dragged us all into the gutter.

The left KNOWS Kavanaugh is a rapist.

And why shouldn’t we believe Ford? She’s a woman and women do not lie about these things.

Also, he is a conservative man, so he obviously hates women, right?

The Duke Lacrosse team and the students at UVA say hi.

And the right KNOWS Ford is a liar.

I mean, come on, this is clearly a political hit job.

Don’t even need to hear from Ford, because it is so obviously a coordinated political attack, so who cares what she has to say?

Except everybody should care what she has to say.

And everybody should care what Kavanaugh has to say, too.

For all the politically-based bickering, here is the truth: there is no evidence and there are no corroborating witnesses.

And this supposedly happened three decades ago.

So THE ONLY way to really figure out any semblance of what happened is to hear full testimony from both Ford and Kavanaugh and decide who sounds more believable.

I know that does not sound sexy to the partisans who have blindly dug their heels in on this issue, but it is the only thing that makes sense if you are truly thinking about it from a neutral standpoint.

All I said, no matter what you think of Brett Kavanaugh, the man’s career and reputation are at stake here.

And regardless of what you think of Dr. Ford’s allegations, if this did happen to her, it is going to be very painful for her to relive it, even if it is necessary given the circumstances.

No matter what happens, there is always going to be a significant number who believe Kavanaugh and a significant number who believe Ford, and odds are that will have far less to do with the actual credibility of their stories than the political “team” you find yourself rooting for.

It is sad, because these allegations and the subsequent rebuttal of them deserve better than transparent tribalism.

Certainly Ford and Kavanugh deserve that, too.

We all do.

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