A lot of people seem very upset at the border wall President Trump plans to build. Let me just say, that while I understand some of the complaints and I have plenty of reservations about the wall myself.

However, I do see think we need tougher immigration laws and so do many European countries.

For example, here is an excerpt from a BBC article about what has been going on with migrants in Germany:

The report used statistics from Lower Saxony — regarded as an average state — where police saw an increase of 10.4% in reported violent crimes in 2015 and 2016.

Based on figures from the state’s interior ministry, which keeps a separate record of alleged crimes by migrants, the report suggested that 92.1% of this increase was attributable to migrants.

In England, there has been a similar pattern:

The murder rate in England and Wales has risen sharply for the first time in a decade at a time when police have diverted detectives to investigate historic sex abuse and allegations against tabloid newspapers.

New figures show that the number of murders and manslaughter deaths increased by 14 per cent last year bringing the annual total to 574, or 11 deaths a week.

Same in Denmark:

The number of violent assaults reported in Denmark has grown significantly in Copenhagen in the last four years, according to figures from Danmarks Statistik.

At a national level, the rises have not been too significant. Some 6,835 cases of assault and 1,236 cases of aggravated assault were reported to the police from January to September 2016 — respective increases of 18 and 5 percent compared to the same period in 2012 when 5,808 assaults and 1,175 aggravated violent attacks were reported.

In Copenhagen, however, the number of assaults rose by 72 percent (from 634 to 1,091 cases), while the number of aggravated assaults went up by 67 percent (from 182 to 304).

I am not saying immigrants are bad, as I am a legal immigrant, and coming to the United States was the best decision I ever made.

But there is a reason why countries need to have at least some control of their borders.

As much as I want to see as many people as possible come here from other countries and do well, when there are no restrictions on immigration, there are people who suffer as a result.

I already talked about crime issues, but there are also negative consequences for some native workers, especially those who are most in need.

There are millions of unskilled laborers who haven’t had a significant raise in wages in many years and quite a few of them struggle to find or keep steady employment.

The market becomes flooded with a much greater supply of this cheap, unskilled labor, and fewer jobs exist for working class Americans.

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT blaming these immigrants. It is still better for them to make the low wages in one of these European countries than it would be to have stayed in their home countries and worked.

They are doing what they feel is best for them.

But it comes at a cost to many working-class European citizens.

Maybe there are ways to more effectively screen people so that these countries can try ther best to avoid these problems.

But they do need safeguards and they do need to address the issue.

And they cannot continue to act as if anybody who even dares to speak about it is some unconscionable monster.

The border wall may or may not be a great solution here, but it does at least address the issue in some way, which is something the American people clearly want.

Maybe a wall would not work for these European nations, but like President Trump, they have to at least overcome their fear of even discussing the problem.

Complete inaction is no longer good enough.

For the good of these nations, they need to put their noses to the grindstone and really try to fix this problem.