EU Elections Stymie US Politicos

Dr. Munr Kazmir
5 min readJun 11, 2024

The twittering class is in a frenzy over what populist gains in European elections mean for Election Day— if anything.

Paris. De la gare de l’est à Nation. Thousands across France have turned out for another day of protests against Macron’s controversial pension reform plans. February 6, 2020. (Photo: Jeanne Menjoulet)

European Union Vote Delivers Shift to Right, in Blow to French and German Governments,” announced Laurence Norman and Noemie Bisserbe for the Wall Street Journal this week after a seismic political shift hit European elections across the continent.

“French President Macron calls parliamentary elections after nationalist parties’ show of strength in European Union elections,” added Norman and Bisserbe. “After the French results, Macron said he was dissolving parliament to call fresh elections. His party already lacked a majority in the National Assembly.”

“In Germany, Scholz’s Social Democratic Party also apparently faced a drubbing,” they added. “According to national exit polls, it was running third behind the far-right Alternative for Germany and the clear winner, Germany’s opposition center-right alliance.”

As they are wont to do — in an Election Year as in any other — major media outlets instantly turned their attention to former President Donald Trump.

Why the far-right surge in European elections could be an omen for Trump,” worried CNN’s Stephen Collinson this week.