Dueling Border Narratives Form Propaganda Tornado

Dr. Munr Kazmir
6 min readFeb 22, 2024

President Joe Biden is facing growing criticism from the right and new questions from the left about the border crisis.

Photo by Philip Robins on Unsplash.

President Joe Biden is facing a growing crisis of criticism from the right and new questions from progressives in his own party over the border.

Democrats risk a new progressive rebellion as Biden embraces border deal,” warned Ursula Perano and Nicholas Wu for Politico on January 31, 2024.

“Progressives are frustrated with President Joe Biden for embracing the bipartisan border security deal that’s emerging in the Senate,” warned Perano. “And they’re starting to rage against it more loudly.”

“It’s not the only area where the left is fuming at the Biden administration — its handling of the the Israel-Hamas war has sparked public protests by progressive activists for months,” Perano noted. “Once the border deal sees the light of day, however, liberal anger is likely to boil over.”

“That’s partly because Senate negotiators have ruled out serious immigration concessions to the left, such as permanent status for Dreamers, a decision that effectively shifts the negotiations toward the GOP,” they complained. “Progressives are also watching Biden tack to the right by swearing he’ll shut down the southern border, using authority that the still unreleased bill is set to give him, if Republicans help pass it.”

While progressive outlets are taking Biden to task daily for suddenly siding with Republicans on the border, conservative outlets are celebrating.

And taking a victory lap.

House Speaker: Biden Finally Admits ‘Crisis’ at Southern Border,” cheered Philip Wegmann for Real Clear Politics.

“After years of insisting otherwise, the White House now calls the situation at the southern border ‘a crisis,’” began Wegmann. “The administration had often rejected that phrase, preferring instead to describe the historic influx of migrants crossing illegally as ‘a challenge.’”

“That nomenclature is no more,” Wegmann wrote. “In a notable shift, when asked about border crossings, White House spokesman John Kirby told RealClearPolitics Monday, ‘The president himself has talked about the fact that there is a crisis…